Maintenance Request

Place your regular (NONE emergency) maintenance request here:

Maintenance Request

If you have an after-hours maintenance emergency, please call 206.780.8500.


Routine maintenance is something that does not require immediate attention and can be handled during the normal maintenance department hours. Some examples of normal maintenance are: facets dripping, minimum rodent/insects, or lighting (not from a power outage). All are items that are an inconvenience, but neither are hazards to you or the unit. For routine maintenance, you can go a day or two before the item is repaired without it endangering your health or potentially damaging the unit.  Feel free to call us or submit a maintenance request for these types of maintenance requests. Emergency maintenance situations are those that need to be addressed immediately, and you should call the office immediately during business hours and if it is after hours call the emergency maintenance number, 206.780.8500. Do not submit an emergency maintenance request online or via email.


No Heat
During the winter months, not having heat in your unit can be considered a life-threatening situation; consequently, this would only be considered an emergency during extreme winter weather. It is important to understand the emergency status only applies to mechanical issues and not disconnection of services by your utility company.

A Clogged Toilet
If the unit only has one bathroom a clogged toilet constitutes an emergency: if you are unable to correct it yourself with a plunger.

No Electricity
This is only considered an emergency when the problem extends beyond the fuse box or if the fuse box is not located in the unit, as with some older buildings where the fuse box is located in the electrical room behind a locked door. It is important for tenants to familiarize themselves with their fuse box and to know how to turn their power back on if the fuse is tripped. An electrical outage will be considered an emergency only when there is no electrical power throughout the entire property and:

It is important to understand that a partial outage does not constitute an emergency. If certain switches and power sources are not working while others are, this would need to be filed as a regular maintenance order.

If you see flooding in your unit, you should contact the emergency maintenance staff immediately. You should also attempt to move your possession out of harm’s way as much as possible.

Gas Leaks or the Smell of Gas
Should you suspect a gas leak or you detect the scent of gas, the first thing that you should do is contact the gas company to report the issue. Make sure not to use the phone located in the unit, as the spark from the phone can ignite an explosion if it comes in contact with the fumes.

Call 911 first! After contacting 911, then make sure to alert the maintenance department.

Carbon Monoxide Release
If there is a gas heating system or gas water heater, it is extremely important to have a properly maintained carbon monoxide detector. Should the detector go off, make sure to exit the unit immediately and contact emergency personnel and maintenance personnel as well.

Knowing the difference between what is an emergency and what is not, will ensure things run as smoothly as possible.  

Place your regular (NONE emergency) maintenance request here:

Maintenance Request